What’s Communication Coaching?

I know you’ve been wondering.

So I’ll tell you how you might work with a communication coach . . .
specifically, with me.

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Getting started

The first step is a no-charge phone consultation where you and I talk about your situation and goals and, through a good conversation, decide if we can work together. If both of us feel there’s likely to be progress, we’ll develop our game plan and set up future calls.

Conscious Communication

A lot of human communication happens unconsciously. There are patterns we follow out of habit, things we say based on speculation about other people’s motives, and stories we tell ourselves that are no longer useful. I work to help you become more conscious of the way you communicate, including your intention, how you think about conversation, the context of the communication, and the way messages will be received. You’ll learn new techniques, new habits, and new ways of thinking, so that you are understood and understand others.

Program format

We’ll work by telephone. Between our weekly calls, you’ll have e-mail access to me. Experience suggests it takes about three months to see lasting results of your coaching and have the learning securely take root in your life.

Program structure

The coaching process, itself, can come in many shapes and styles, depending on what’s going on with you. I like to start by identifying the relationships that are most important for you to work on. That’s where you’ll see the greatest positive outcome from the work. We’ll try to spot patterns of communication that are working for you and some that aren’t. Next we’ll develop alternatives to those old patterns that haven’t worked. Then you’ll look for ways to put these alternative behaviours into practice. It’s like a series of experiments. In the next session we debrief and build on what you learned.

Assessments and tools

I’m qualified to administer a variety of assessments. Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) is a good starting place for examining preferences around decision-making and processing information. It also sheds light on preferred communication style, and how that style works with other types. I also use the EQi, which depicts how your emotional intelligence may help or hinder your communication.

PLUS – There are work sheets and exercises and yes, there will be homework, though a more accurate term would be ‘weekly action request.’

Wandering off topic

The objective of our sessions will be to improve your face-to-face communication at work. Still, life-related issues can and do affect your work and your communication. I’m qualified as a life coach and good at it, but my expertise is in communication. If I sense what you need is pure life coaching, counseling, or therapy, you can be sure I’ll refer you to someone with that specialty.

If you want to know more about what to expect from a coach, here’s a link to the International Association of Coaching (IAC) Ethical Princliples . . .

IAC generic2(It’s also our Code of Ethics!)

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