Nineteenth century American poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote:

“It is a luxury to be understood.”

We disagree. It’s essential.

The It’s Understood Minifesto

Our mission is to save the world from poor communication


Nobody sets out to communicate badly. Still, it happens. And the world cannot afford it.

Underlying almost every troubled situation involving more than one human is a gap between what is intended and what is understood and acted on.

It’s Understood Communication is dedicated to closing that gap – one situation, one person, one conversation at a time.

We believe that real communication involves:

  • clarity,
  • context,
  • connection,
  • collaboration, and
  • courage.

To truly communicate with others, we must first understand:

  • who we are,
  • who they are, and
  • what both need – from each other and from the world

We must be brave enough to be ourselves – authentic and perfectly imperfect – and to show ourselves to the world.

Authentic communication is an act of faith. It sparks the spirit that enables humans together to be profoundly more effective than humans alone.


  • Real conversation is the most powerful business tool anyone will ever use.
  • Communication is a learned and learnable skill.
  • To be truly understood is the goal – and the gift – of human communication.
  • Typically conversation occurs without careful, conscious thought. To really communicate, we must be conscious of what we are doing.
  • We don’t know what we’ve really said until we see what the audience does in response.
  • The words we say and write are the words we hear and see – and those stimuli shape our experience of the world.
  • These words also shape others’ experience. Our words create our world.
  • The first and most important conversation is the one we have with ourselves, for it’s the source of all others.

What next?

If you don’t think being understood should be a luxury, please contact us.