Are your ideas getting lost in the noise?

Is your team hearing the message but not “getting” it?

Are your meetings less than productive?

Do you freeze up when you want to speak up?

Do you want this to STOP?

You can change this. Yes, you. There’s a powerful tool available that helps you build connection, collaboration and understanding. Study after study has shown it can reduce turnover, boost productivity, increase morale, and – ta-da! – make your work easier. It’s available to anyone, anywhere, at a very low cost. In fact, you already have the hardware and software.

We’re talking about real conversation, the most powerful business tool you’ll ever use.

At It’s Understood, we specialize in using conversation to introduce change, improve workplaces and get things done. As you’ll see in our minifesto,  we’re trying to save the world from poor communication.

We help teams and individuals build better, saner, more productive workplaces. If people can’t talk together, they can’t work together. And if they can’t work together, they can’t change things for the better.

Organizations invest heaps of money and energy in formal communication (publications, presentations, broadcasts, intranets, social media and more). Yet they pay almost no attention to informal, face-to-face communication that’s so necessary to get things done.  We say it’s time to step out from behind the communication tools, look people in the eye and hold a real conversation.

Our approach has been developed over 20 years of formal and informal study of communication at work . We’ve seen it work in a variety of settings – service departments, cross-functional teams, complex technology projects, call centres – even places where the workers are volunteers. Our experience is augmented by recent discoveries about how the human brain works.

As internal or external consultants, we’ve provided advice and training to all five major Canadian banks, several tech firms, insurance companies, a university, private training organizations, numerous government departments, nonprofits  and . . . well, you get the picture.

It’s Understood’s programs and products are designed for:

  • Department managers
  • Workplace coaches
  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • Business owners
  • Individual contributors who need to influence others to get their work done

Our approach will work for you if you value these things:

  • You truly want to have an impact – to make a difference in your organization.
  • You want to master change, not manage it.
  • You want real success for your direct reports, for your colleagues, and for you.
  • You’re willing to examine (and maybe change) your communication habits.
  • You’re ready to be accountable and encourage accountability in others.

If you’re ready to explore these ideas, please contact Sue and we’ll have a conversation.

Sue will be presenting at IABC World Conference in Toronto June 8-11

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Sue will be the open space facilitator at Toronto Agile Open May 3

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