We’re winding down our business

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our decision to stop consulting, move to the coast and shift to a quieter life.

We’ve got a heap of material about effective communication and good management practices that can still be useful to people going through organizational change.

Stay tuned as we turn our learning programs and conference talks into resources available to you, where you are.

Change your world one conversation at a time

It’s Understood

Because conversation is the most powerful tool we’ll ever have:

  • Help people set direction and get unstuck.
    We know coaching.
  • Create space for people to think together.
    We know facilitation.
  • Spark conversations and get teams moving.
    We know communication.
  • Point out misinformation and disinformation.
    We know BS when we see it.

From 2003 to 2023, It’s Understood helped individuals, teams and organizations hold conversations that produce results.

  • We’ve trained hundreds of coaches and facilitators for the technology world.
  • We’ve helped dozens of companies adopt new work practices and agile thinking.
  • We’ve spoken at conferences and meetups around the world.
  • On the way, we earned many travel points and grey hairs – and we learned a lot.

As we ease ourselves out of the work force, we occasionally leave the seashore, the music room and the fishing hole to share our learning and experience through this web site.


Get teams moving

As experienced coaches and leaders of both business and volunteer teams, we have used and developed tools and techniques to get teams working together. We help you improve or find new ways to get the work done and reach realistic goals.


Get people talking

As experienced facilitators and facilitation trainers, we can help you discover ways to make the most of meetings. We’re not talking about nice slides. We’re talking about activities to help surface important issues and collaborate to make effective decisions about them.

Build your own skills

We’ve used a coach approach throughout our careers and have been trained, accredited coaches since the ’00s.
We love helping team leaders/supervisors/managers hone their communication skills for more effective interactions.